Working With Everyone (we)

We are a collective of unique individuals who have both lived experience of social harms as well as professional expertise.

This offers an unparalled opportunity to improve the outcomes and levels of knowledge across a spectrum of services.

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    Our Vision

    Our vision is a world where people who encounter marginalisation or vulnerabilities are treated as equal citizens with respect, dignity and justice.

    We believe people from such communities and their loved ones should be able to access high quality information, care and support. We accept that each individual may have different needs and goals and that these should be defined by the individual. We also accept that these needs and goals may change over time.

    We believe that the success of any service or intervention can only be defined by how well it meets the needs of each individual using it.

    Why we exist

    • WE are experts by experience

    • WE believe multiple and complicated needs can be effectively addressed

    • WE each make our own choices

    • WE support the choice of others

    • WE believe that each choice matters

    • WE believe every journey is unique

    Who Are we

    We are a Not for Profit Company that prides itself on being independent. All of our directors, employees and volunteers have lived experience of social harms and marginalisation. All of those who are part of WE are selected for their personal, professional knowledge and expertise. Each individual involved in the company has their own lived experience of social harms and marginalisation. We believe that each individual experience is equally as valid and valuable as any other. We have an exceptional level of in-depth knowledge and expertise.

    Making an Impact

    We believe that we will make the most lasting and positive impact on the greatest number of lives by changing attitudes, behaviour, decisions, policies and practice. We seek to influence those individuals, organisations and systems that have the biggest impact on the lives of those affected by multiple needs.

    Partnership working

    We pride ourselves on being independent and evidence based. We are committed to partnership working and we work in a collaborative and productive manner with a range of organisations to share experience and knowledge in making the greatest collective difference.

    Latest Updates

    The Story of Drug User Involvement

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    In the first part of a series, Working with Everyone trace the path of drug user involvement – from the harm reduction pioneers of the 1980s, through the rise of the recovery movement, to the here and now. A journey through history to ask, is grassroots activism still making its mark? The Story of User Involvement This is a ‘live’ document where readers can add their recollections, comments and opinions. We would love to hear from you, please email your thoughts and comments to: 

    Interview in Drink Drugs News Magazine

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    This month DDN magazine have run an interview where Peter Keeling speaks to April Wareham of Working with Everyone about how marginalised communities have been coping during lockdown.

    Reducing Health Inequalities for People Living with Frailty: A resource for commissioners, service providers and health, care and support staff

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    This resource shares practical recommendations and examples of how commissioners, service providers and health, care and support staff can successfully overcome barriers to healthcare for people at greater risk of frailty, including people experiencing deprivation, people who are homeless, people experiencing substance misuse, people with learning disabilities, LGB&T people, people with mental health needs, people from Gypsy and Traveller communities, and vulnerable migrants. (Link opens in the Friends, Families and Travellers website.)

    Engaging with People and Communities to Improve Outcomes: Primary Care Networks and Cardiovascular Disease

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    Topics for themed discussion were chosen based on system need, as implementation of the NHS Long Term Plan begins. These topics aligned with concerns raised by communities identified in previous workshops (September 2018 and March 2019). The areas chosen to focus on for this event were; Primary Care Networks (PCN), Cardiovascular and Respiratory disease (CVD).

    we make Working with Everyone as simple as it should be


    We pride ourselves on the professional quality and variety of our individually designed training courses. We provide a bespoke in-house training service as well as a number of other training courses per year.


    We offer a variety of services to help you improve your service design and delivery. We have experience in the design, commissioning, evaluation and audit of a variety of services. We have experience in multi-agency working and can engage with diverse stakeholders. We have a special interest in safety, outcomes and user satisfaction.

    Engaging with People and Communities

    Marginalised communities are communities that are often stigmatized or confined to the lower or peripheral edge of society. Such groups are often denied involvement in mainstream economic, political, cultural and social activities due to their living conditions, lifestyles or exclusion.

    We clearly see the common cause between different lived experiences of marginalisation. Furthermore, our ability to engage with marginalised communities, of whom we have often been members, allows us to obtain intelligence, gather data and encourage involvement. This is crucial in improving outcomes for all.

    How we Offer Something Different

    When you get assistance from us, you gain a fresh perspective. We bring a different background and way of seeing the world. We can help you turn a topic on its side and see it from a different angle. This can help you to expand your point of view and gather crucial insights that can lead to service improvement, enhanced systems and processes and better outcomes for those that you work with.

    Contact Us

      If you are interested in engaging our services or have questions please get in touch.